1. You say your bands give kids the "courage to be kind". How does that work? 

Usually super powers are supposed to be top secret, but this one is different. We want you to wear your super power on your wrist so the whole world can see it! You'll get a free booklet with each purchase explaining how this special super power works.  

2. How do I know what size to get? 

Our bands are one size fits all for kids. Sorry adults! Bands measure 4 inches in diameter. If you want to measure to make sure it will fit, take a piece of string and cut it so that it is 10 inches long. Tie a little knot and if your hand will fit through it, the kind band will fit! The slip knot allows for sizing to be adjustable so you can tighten the band once it's on.

3. My child's wrist is small and I don't like how long the ends are. Can I adjust it? 

Personally, we love those long ends. But if it bothers your kid, definitely adjust it. You can simply re-tie another knot (please make sure you allow enough room to get the band off and on) and then cut a few millimeters below your new knot. If you don't want frayed edges you can use some bees wax to prevent that. There are other ways too but legally we can't share those with you for safety reasons! 

4. Is the leather waterproof? 

No, it isn't waterproof. The bands are so easy to slip off and on we recommend removing them for shower, baths and swimming. But we understand kids are kids! My kids wear theirs 24/7 but the leather does change. You can coat your leather in bees wax to try and protect it better. 

5. I bought several bracelets and there are some slight variances. Is that normal? 

Absolutely. We actually love that variance! Our bracelets are handmade by fair wage artisans in Nicaragua. We are super proud that they aren't made in a factory so yes, some variances are normal. Our pictures give a true representation of the variances, but they are so small, I doubt you would ever notice them unless you were looking for them. Some variances include a slightly different color of leather and some stamps went deeper than others. Embrace those minor variances! 

6. Do you accept returns or exchanges? 

We do not accept returns or exchanges. We know you are going to love your kind band so much that we aren't even worried about this ever needing to be an option.  

7. We are sad you used leather! Is there a vegan option? 

At this time no, there isn't. We hope to offer this option in the future. If we wanted vegan leather we could only find manufacturers in China and India and we weren't willing to sacrifice for that. Currently our bands are handmade by fair wage artisans in Nicaragua.